Talks planned to thrash out speeding issues

The Wynd, Amble
The Wynd, Amble

Police and councillors are set for talks to discuss speeding concerns and thrash out ways to tackle the issue.

Rotary Way and The Wynd will come under the spotlight at the meeting between officers and members of Amble Town and Warkworth Parish councils.

A date is still to be set, but on Thursday, Amble councillors spoke about their feelings on the issue.

Amble Mayor Craig Weir believes that the Tesco development, which will have an entry point on that stretch of road, will slow traffic down.

He said: “With the Tesco development, we will get queue-backs of traffic in both ways. That will cause people to slow down and force drivers to be very aware.”

One suggestion has been to reduce the speed on Rotary Way from 50mph to 30mph.

However, Coun Jeff Watson said the police aren’t in favour of that as it would deter drivers from overtaking slow-moving vehicles.

Coun Kate Morrison doesn’t believe it would stop people from speeding and said the road was fast and straight.

A mobile flashing sign is located at The Wynd at different times of the year. It moves between this spot and others in the area. Efforts were made several years ago to have a fixed camera at that site, but it didn’t meet the required criteria.