Taking a different point of view can be so compelling

I had the pleasure of giving a talk to a church group in Alnwick this week.

Sunday, 2nd December 2018, 1:41 pm
Picture by Malcolm Hepple

I spoke about how photographers look at the world differently and that different view is part of what makes a photo compelling. The photos chosen for this week’s column all demonstrate this.

Malcolm Hepple, Carl Moffat and Mark Davis all framed their subjects within circles and each came up with pleasing, diverse images.

Picture by Stephen Innes

Jenny Turner, Teresa Jennings, Stephen Innes and Catherine Davies van Zoen all showed that getting up close to the subject reduces the depth of field, and that results in an image a long way removed from how we perceive the world with our eyes.

Finally, we see hundreds of photos of Bamburgh Castle; search on Google and there are 601,000 photo results. Raymond Johnston managed to capture a super interpretation, very different from the usual shots, showing the castle from a distance and bathed in the light from crepuscular rays.

Excellent work everyone.

I wonder how many folk have managed to keep up with the challenge throughout this year? We are nearly on the home stretch now and the last words for November are Absent and Purple. Keep clicking!

Picture by Carl Moffat

Everyone is welcome to join Northumberland Camera Club. Post images to http://bit.ly/PicNland and tag them #PicNorthumberland.

Picture by Mark Davis
Picture by Raymond Johnston
Picture by Jenny Turner
Picture by Teresa Jennings
Picture by Catherine Davies van Zoen.