Take part in film via casting call in Wooler

The Cheviot Centre in Wooler.
The Cheviot Centre in Wooler.

A chance to take part in a new film documentary is taking place in Wooler next weekend.

A poster for the casting call says: ‘Do you want to be in a film? Would you make a good documentary character? Come and tell us about yourself.’ It adds: ‘Bring something important to you, show us your talent, tell us your story.’

The event takes place on Saturday, January 14, from 10am to 7pm, in the Cheviot Centre. Book a slot via info@nataliebiancheri.com or 07429 081829.

Nathalie Biancheri, an award-winning writer/director and producer based in London, is currently filming a feature-length documentary, I Was Here, commissioned by CPH:LAB.

CPH:LAB is the talent development, training and production programme run by CPH:Dox, the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, which takes place in March.