Take heed of new guidelines, urges firm

The Community News Project needs you.
The Community News Project needs you.

Landowners are being urged to educate themselves on new guidelines on public rights of way.

It comes as Northumberland County Council is currently modifying more than 3,000 miles of public rights of way in the county.

And land, property and business consultancy George F White is encouraging landowners to take heed of the updated established rights of access and the introduction of new ones.

Definitive Map Modification Order Notices will be located on the proposed routes and if your property is to be affected, the council may write to you, informing you of their intention and detailing the changes.

Hamish Smales, of George F White, said: “There is a current Definitive Map on the council’s website showing existing and ‘claimed’ rights of way and there is a small window of opportunity to object to the council at this stage.

“We would advise that landowners exercise this objection if they do not agree with a proposed public right of way.

It is important that landowners state why they object and support their view with both present and historical evidence. If you’re unsure, then contact George F White by emailing hamishsmales@georgefwhite.co.uk or calling 01665 511981.”