Take a bag and help keep beach litter-free and safe

Druridge Bay beach
Druridge Bay beach

A campaign to encourage people to keep a stunning north Northumberland coastal spot tidy is gaining momentum.

The Bring a Bag to Druridge Bay initiative, which has been launched on Facebook, calls on visitors to help keep the area litter-free and safe.

The idea behind the campaign is for users to take a bag with them when they are at Druridge and collect a bit of litter during their visit.

They are then encouraged to either take the rubbish home or drop it in the bins on the way out.

On the campaign’s Facebook page, a description about the initiative reads: “Druridge Bay, as we all know, is the best beach in the world.

“Anyone who frequents Druridge will have noticed the amount of rubbish lying around, blowing along, stuck in bushes or half-buried in the sand. The idea is simple: When you visit Druridge, take a bag with you and collect a bit of litter while you are there.

“I’m not suggesting that you spend your entire visit collecting other people’s rubbish, just a bit as you pass.

“It doesn’t have to be a bin bag, just a carrier bag will do.

“Even if you pick up one plastic bottle or just some bottle caps and pop them in your pocket every time you go, that will suffice.

“The aim is not just to keep the place tidy, but safer, as there is a hell of a lot of broken glass, old tin cans, bits of rusty metal, old tent poles and the like lying around.”

The campaign was launched last year but a message on the page at the end of July says it has attracted a surge of interest recently.