Suspected palm oil found on Northumberland beaches

Suspected palm oil has been found on two Northumberland beaches.
Druridge Bay beachDruridge Bay beach
Druridge Bay beach

Small quantities of what is believed to be palm oil have been found at Newbiggin Bay and Druridge Bay over recent days and there have been reports of oil found at other locations across the country.

The palm oil may be seen in a variety of forms, from a scattering of pebble-sized lumps that are white and waxy in appearance, to small pea-sized pieces.

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Although it is generally considered to be non-toxic and is an edible fat, elsewhere in the country there have been reports of dogs becoming seriously ill after ingesting the substance. Beach visitors are therefore encouraged to keep their eyes open for it and keep children and dogs away from any deposits.

To date, there have been no reports of any animals falling ill in the county.

National advice is that if you come into contact with the substance, wash it off with soap or shower gel and wash your clothes.

If anyone finds deposits of palm oil, contact Northumberland County Council who will come and remove it.

Anyone who thinks their dog has been in contact with the substance and are concerned about its health should contact their vet as soon as possible.