Suspected loo vandals face knock from police

Suspected vandals who forced the closure of the main public toilets in Seahouses by causing extensive damage to them have been identified by police.

The yobs wreaked havoc, causing destruction to all three blocks, targeting cubicle doors and smashing cisterns.

The shocking incident happened on Tuesday, October 30.

New doors have been ordered by Northumberland County Council and repairs will be carried out as soon as possible, but the facility, at the entrance to Seafield car park, is currently closed.

At North Sunderland Parish Council on Monday, PC Geoff Craddock said the toilets had been unlocked when the louts struck.

The suspected idiots have since been identified and inquiries are on going.

Parish councillor Tom Orrin said: “It couldn’t have happened at a worse time, in the middle of half-term.

“There were visitors in the village and it’s very embarrassing. I do think if this looks like being a long-term thing then we should get the county council to get some temporary toilets.

“Can we get in touch with the county council asking them to make this a priority as they are the only toilets we have?”

Northumberland County Councillor Pat Scott said that any anger and frustration should be directed at the people who vandalised the toilets, and asked parish councillors to give the council a chance to deal with the situation.