Surf’s up on coast in front of landmark

The north Northumberland coast was the venue for a surfing contest at the end of last month, which took place underneath a famous landmark.

Surf crews from all over the country took to the water at Bamburgh Beach, to take part in a team competition, with each team representing their local break across two days.

The competitive elements of Red Bull Break 5 lean towards strong surfing with individual scores adding to an accumulative ‘crew’ score.

With the ever-changing weather forecast over the weekend, the teams battled through alternative surf concepts with enthusiasm, fighting to win as many points over a series of heats for their team.

Not only were they challenged by the strenuous and fierce competition but also by the icy cold waters of the North Sea.

With the competition ending on Sunday with a team relay race, Sam Lamiroy, a professional surfer originally from Tynemouth, announced the judges’ decision with Team Excel from Plymouth as Red Bull Break 5 champions of 2012.

The team’s Ed Smith told the Red Bull website: “Red Bull Break 5 is by far the best surf comp I have ever been to.

“There’s nothing you can do about the forecast but with alternative competitive plans, it’s been so much fun.”