SUPPORT: Belated thanks for Sine’s care

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It is over a month ago that my lovely wife Sine (Sheena to her readers) died, and I would like to send rather belated thanks to the many out there who helped daughter Cathy, son-in-law Allen and myself through this sad time.

Grateful thanks to Alan Haile and Sally-Ann Rogerson for all the organisation of the ‘send-off’ – Cathy thinks that is a better description than ‘funeral’.

Carol Field led the proceedings with compassion and read the script and poems we presented to her so well.

Friends and relations came from Glasgow, Lincoln, Newcastle, and even Seahouses, some of whom we have not seen for years, and in spite of the occasion it was good to see them all.

Our gratitude should also go to the doctors, nurses and staff at the Bondgate side of Seahouses Health Centre, as well as the lovely ladies who would turn up twice a day from Careline to do what they had to do.

Sine enjoyed their visits (and I already miss them), and any new ones would hear about Sine’s training as a nurse in the 1950s. If she could have found out who was responsible for closing nursing schools attached to hospitals in favour of university training, their ears would have burnt to nothing.

Now I must go and carry on looking for legal documents, which she had put ‘in safe place’, but never finished telling Allen their location, typical.

We were married for 44 years and together for about 46, and yes, we all miss her.

Keith Campbell,

St Aidans,