Superheroes and Disney characters attend wedding

Nicola Turnbull and Scott Embleton with the little superheroes at their wedding. Picture by Jane Coltman
Nicola Turnbull and Scott Embleton with the little superheroes at their wedding. Picture by Jane Coltman

A Hadston couple tied the knot on Saturday – but it wasn’t just the bride’s dress which turned heads.

In what was a memorable day, Nicola Turnbull, 28, and Scott Embleton, 30, marked the occasion with a fancy-dress wedding for the children.

It resulted in an eye-catching affair at Chevington’s St John the Divine church, with youngsters wearing an array of costumes in a superhero or Disney theme.

There was Superman, Captain America, Batman and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, among other colourful characters.

Not only did the happy couple think it would add to the fun factor of the occasion, but they came up with the idea to raise crucial funds for the church’s bell, which is broken and out of use.

Nicola said: “The fancy-dress wedding for the children was mine and Scott’s idea. I don’t like children getting left out at weddings, so the ones that were dressed up and had permission went into the church before I went in. We thought it would be fun for the kids and we thought it would be a great way to raise money for the church bell, as we wanted donations to go towards it.”

Among those to wear fancy dress on the day were Nicola’s children Jack and Chloe, and Scott’s little girl, Lexi. There were around 15 children in fancy-dress and the loved-up pair thanked everyone who made their big day memorable.

‘The fancy-dress was great fun’

Rev Sue Reilly conducted the ceremony. Now, she’s not used to leading a service which is packed with superheroes and Disney characters, but she admitted that Saturday’s ceremony was a memorable occasion. She told the Gazette: “It was great fun and the children really seemed to enjoy it.”

Nicola and Scott have helped kick start the church’s fund-raising attempts. Although Rev Reilly does not know the final total that was raised on the day, she thanked the loved-up couple for their help and support and said it was a great start. The church is looking at various grants, as well as raising cash in other ways.