Superfast fibre internet rolled out in Belford

Belford residents are able to benefit from better internet access following the roll out of superfast broadband in the village.

The upgrade is part of the iNorthumberland partnership programme, which aims to bring superfast broadband to 91 per cent of the county’s homes and businesses by December 2015.

BT has now upgraded two of Belford’s three cabinets, meaning hundreds of residents have access to an improved internet service.

Northumberland County Coun John Woodman said: “There are three cabinets in the Belford exchange. Two have been upgraded, I believe that work finished last Friday.

“There’s a third cabinet that serves the outlying areas. iNorthumberland expects this to be upgraded by the end of the year, but BT have not given them a date.”

It is thought that third cabinet will include Detchant.

Malcolm Stanton, who lives in the hamlet, said: “I believe properties on the north end of North Bank can access it, but the residents of Detchant can’t. At the moment our speed is 1.8. BT say there isn’t enough demand to bring cabling up there at this time.”

He added: “We believe superfast cabling was taken up to the Bedmax office months ago. We can’t understand why we’re being precluded from accessing superfast broadband through that cable while Bedmax can. It’s like the train – we know it comes into Belford station and goes out again, but we can’t use it. Here it seems there’s a cable and we are not able to use it.”

Coun Woodman explained that Detchant should have access to fibre optic broadband when the third cabinet was upgraded, and said the cable to Bedmax was probably a private cable paid for by the firm.

Information leaflets are due to be circulated, and the parish council has requested that iNorthumberland hold a drop-in in Belford, so residents can find out more about superfast broadband, whether they can access it and what it means for them.