Summer of A-Level success for the Duchess’s Community High School

Lef to right, Matt Kohler, Holly Mackenley, Kate Imeson and Harry Roberts.
Lef to right, Matt Kohler, Holly Mackenley, Kate Imeson and Harry Roberts.

Students at Alnwick’s Duchess’s Community High School (DCHS) have once again excelled in their A-Level results.

There were tears of joy and laughter as students learnt of their grades this morning and finding out which path they were taking next.

Thomas Blythe, left, and Ewan Macaulay.

Thomas Blythe, left, and Ewan Macaulay.

At DCHS more than 50 per cent attained grades A* to B, which is above the national average.

Twelve students attained at least three A* or A grades and a further 21 got ABB.

And one of the stars of the year was Taylor Thompson who gained A*s in music and chemistry and an A in maths and has qualified for a place at Oxford University to read music.

Elly Bolton is off to University College London to study history after getting an A* in politics and As in English literature and history.

Claudia Pearson, left, and Elly Bolton.

Claudia Pearson, left, and Elly Bolton.

She said: “It’s just crazy, I feel like I have been waiting for so long and everything has just come together. I’m so pleased.”

Claudia Pearson attained an A* in English literature and As in geography and business and is going to Leeds University to study politics and economics.

“I surpassed expectations and I’m really really pleased. We have worked so hard and it’s great that it all paid off.”

Another high-flier was Thomas Blythe who is also going to Leeds to study biological sciences after getting an A* in biology and As in maths and chemistry.

Ewan Macaulay also got the same results and is off to Nottingham to study veterinary sciences.

He said: “I’m really really pleased with how I did. And now I’m off to study what I have wanted to do for years.”

Headteacher Maurice Hall said: “As always there are many individual stories of success and endeavour. Key to all of these is that our students have gained what they need, both in terms of outcomes and maturity, to move on to the next stage of their lives.

“We are hopeful that the vast majority have gained places in higher education. We all know that life for young adults is tough at present and we genuinely hope that we have prepared them well both for their studies and for the all-roundedness that it takes to lead a fruitful and happy life.”