Successful start for Firefighters Plus

Chief Fire Officer Paul Hedley
Chief Fire Officer Paul Hedley

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service is proud to announce its partnership in the Firefighters Plus project, an EU co-financed project helping firefighters use their position as role models to promote social inclusion within their community.

The project incorporates agencies from across Europe, including five fire and rescue services and two NGOs with wide experience in the field of social inclusion.

These agencies have joined forces to develop the first open and multilingual online training course aimed at helping firefighters to promote social inclusion within their local communities.

The project began earlier this month with the seven partner organisations of the Firefighters Plus project meeting in Spain for their first transnational meeting. The initial meeting allowed the group to set strong foundations for the work of the partnership, with particular emphasis on planning the development of the training content.

The next step will be to finalise the development of the online training content before the second project meeting in Northumberland, planned for April 2018. During this meeting, the delegates from the partner organisations will prepare for the next project activity, the testing of the online training course with firefighters from the UK, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands and Spain.

Paul Hedley, Chief Fire Officer at NFRS, said: “We are delighted to be part of this project and working to develop the training tool for firefighters across Europe, utilising their position within their community to develop social inclusion.

“Hosting the second project meeting in Northumberland is a proud moment for us and we are delighted to welcome the project partners to the region and work on the finalisation and testing of the training tool.”

John Riddle, chairman of Northumberland Fire Authority, added: “The Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service provides a dedicated service to the local community. Being part of this multinational project, promoting social inclusion within our local communities, further builds on our community work and NFRS is proud to be part of this.”