Success in exams for Dance Divas

Pupils at the Dance Divas dance school were successful in their recent examinations, with 12 honours being gained.

Carol Gray runs the school which saw pupils aged four to 17 take Freestyle Dance exams.

The results: Infant U8 – Pre Bronze: Evie Bell, Lola Ray Kelly-Forgie, Shania Stamford and Kiera Martin – Honours. Bronze: Bethany Bremner – Highly Commended, Astrid Jones, Shania Stanford and Kiera Martin– Honours. First Award: Ellie Goodfellow – Honours.

Junior – Pre Bronze: Andrea Louise Purvis – Honours. Bronze: Andrea Louise Purvis, Lauren Henderson – Honours. Silver: Lauren Henderson – Honours. First & Second Silver Bar: Emily Fairbairn and Kirsty Duffin – Honours. Gold: Megan Hopper – Highly Commended, Emily Fairbairn and Kirsty Duffin – Honours. Gold Star: Megan Hopper – Highly Commended.