Students show enterprise

THE Duchess’s Community High School took part in Enterprise Day last term.

The day involved 175 students attending a number of activities held in Newcastle or the Northumberland area. The other pupils had a packed day at school with activities ranging from stained glass to RAF work. Some of the destinations included RAF work in Boulmer, photography around Alnwick, music at the Sage Gateshead and drama in West Moor, Newcastle, and there were many more.

The reason for the day was to apply our learning for team-building and problem-solving from our ‘learn to learn’ lessons.

I have been talking to a selection of students who participated in some of the activities in and out of school.

Courtney went to Plessey Woods for outdoor activities. Her thoughts about the day were: “It was really good because you could improve your skills while having fun.”

Another trip was to the Baltic and Kristin Thompson thought it was “fun, creative, arty and interesting. Everyone thought the entire day was great.”

If we switch to in-school activities, four students took part in creating stained glass. They had help from an expert in stained glass, Dawn Watson, so thank you Dawn. They thought “it was utterly fantastic.”

Throughout the day, students learnt how to cut glass into their chosen shape. The task was to create a seascape mosaic which will be displayed in the main school reception.

The piece of art is sure to be bright and colourful because the pupils had the choice of any colour for the fish.

I went to West Moor and my day was full of drama.

We started by telling an interesting fact about ourselves. This was to gain confidence. Another activity was to use the many different props in order to create the most wacky, weird, bonkers short play.

Overall I have to admit that the day was the most wonderful, fantastic school day ever.

In conclusion, everyone who I interviewed said that they thoroughly enjoyed the Enterprise Day and of course we made more friends and learnt a number of skills that will be useful for the future.

Many of the students wish that next time the new Year 9s have this opportunity that they have as much fun as we did.

I can safely say that we will remember this day throughout our stay at the Duchess’s Community High School.

Annabelle Cooper