Students invited to join the Special Constabulary

The the Northumbria Police Special Constabulary recruitment poster.
The the Northumbria Police Special Constabulary recruitment poster.

Northumbria Police is inviting students to use their super powers and join the Special Constabulary.

The Special Constabulary, which is supported by Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird, is a force of trained volunteers who work with and support local police. They have the same powers as police officers, wear the same uniform and deal with the same type of incidents.

The skills, attributes and experience gained by being a special constable are desirable to any future career or profession – whether it’s a career in policing or not. Students will get the chance to gain valuable experience that can be used on a CV, develop communication and problem-solving skills and an opportunity to contribute to the local community.

Chief Superintendent Kay Blyth said: “Joining the Special Constabulary opens up a world of opportunity for both personal and professional development for people. Volunteers come from all walks of life with a range of backgrounds; it could be the perfect opportunity for new and returning students to gain experiences that will help them when they graduate. Not only that, the role could make a welcome break from studying, and being in the lecture theatre.

“On completion of training, special constables have the same powers as police officers and are issued with the same protective equipment so they can carry out the role to its full – whether that’s going on patrol, arresting a burglar or dealing with youth disorder. Even if students aren’t interested in a future career in policing, the benefits of joining the special constabulary are endless and helps us to form a vital link between regular police and our student communities.”

Vera Baird said: “The work carried out by the Special Constabulary in support of Northumbria Police is outstanding and they really live up to the title Special. Volunteering in this way not only helps you to give valuable support to your community, but gives people good skills which will help them in their future careers.”

To find out more about the special constabulary, visit the Working for Us section of the Northumbria Police website.