Students and staff think pink to help

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne and Pearl and Daisy Lowe front this year’s nationwide poster campaign for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

Sixth-form students and staff from the Duchess’s High School followed in the stylish footsteps of Kylie Minogue, Yasmin Le Bon and Kate Moss to help this year’s campaign.

Students all wore something pink on Friday, May 3, and there were some imaginative outfits, including pink onesies and pyjamas.

Students were generous with their donations, as were staff, who joined in the fun and bought pink cupcakes to support the cause.

Many students and staff have been affected either directly or indirectly by this disease and all wanted to show their support to this campaign. £350 was the final amount raised, and all who were involved should be extremely proud.

Since 1996, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer has raised more than £12.5 million for Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s life-saving research into preventing the disease, promoting early diagnosis and developing new and better treatments to stop women dying from breast cancer.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK and thanks to the generosity of the public, Breakthrough Breast Cancer funds has invested over £92million in breast-cancer research since opening and now fund 25 per cent of all breast-cancer research in the UK and support the work of more than 270 top scientists. Fashion Targets Breast Cancer helps to fund some of the best scientists in the field.

The reason why we wanted to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer in particular is because one of The Duchess’s High School past students (and incidentally my sister) is the head of research at Breakthrough and she wanted to get her old high school involved in this campaign. Dr Julia Wilson was a pupil during the late 1980s and has always continued to be interested in the school.

She has recently been involved in some amazing research into the genetic screening of those who may be susceptible to breast cancer. These studies are helping scientists to build a much better picture of the genetic causes that may cause breast cancer and hopefully in time will reduce the amount of people who suffer from this terrible disease.

Visit http://www.break

Sarah Bowden