Strong criticism of law change on affordable homes

Councillor Scott Dickinson
Councillor Scott Dickinson

Young people who aspire to move out from their parents’ house by securing the tenancy or a mortgage for an affordable home have had their hopes dashed, claims a would-be MP.

As reported in the Gazette last week, Housing Minister Brandon Lewis recently confirmed in the House of Commons that the Government was removing the affordable-housing obligation for developments of fewer than 10 properties, claiming it would provide a boost for small and medium house-builders.

It means that in smaller developments there will be no obligations for the developer to contribute towards affordable housing either on site or in the local area.

Scott Dickinson, Labour parliamentary candidate, said: “This decision by a Coalition Minister shows that the Coalition’s sole aims have been to maximise profits for those who fund their activities while leaving both rural and urban young to the vagaries of sometimes unscrupulous, buy-to-rent landlords.

“I will be campaigning to turn this decision over and will write to Labour’s Hilary Benn to ensure we are in a position to change this attack on those who need assistance to secure a roof over their heads.”