Still issues to be cleared up ahead of taking on parks

Bryson's Park in Wooler.
Bryson's Park in Wooler.

Wooler parish councillors are keen to take on the freehold of both Bryson’s and Scott’s Park as well as responsibility for the play equipment, but there are still issues to iron out.

This is despite correspondence back and forth to the county council, whose parks officer has also attended parish council meetings, over a number of months.

Members remain concerned about some aspects of looking after the play equipment, with the prospect of carrying out weekly checks being a subject of discussion last Monday night.

However, they have agreed in principle to take it on as well as to taking on the freehold for both Bryson’s Park and the section of Scott’s Park which remains in the county council’s ownership (the parish already owns the rest of the park).

However, this led to more confusion as there are issues related to the exact area of land which is in the county council’s ownership and this needs clearing up before the parish instructs a solicitor.

Meanwhile, members have refused to take on two play areas at The Martins from Four Housing due to the condition of the equipment.