Station user fears his car is being targeted

The road to Alnmouth Station.The road to Alnmouth Station.
The road to Alnmouth Station.
A frustrated commuter feels he is being targeted by someone who has taken an exception to him parking in and around Alnmouth Station for a number of days at a time.

Rupert Irving believes his car is being tampered with after discovering that his tyres have been deflated on numerous occasions after the last few months.

The Warkworth resident, who travels each week to London where he runs a small business, has reported the matter to the police.

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Mr Irving told the Gazette that the initial incidents happened over the Christmas period of 2016. He said that, on the occasions that the main car parks were completely full, he had very little choice but to park in nearby South View.

He said that on these occasions, he noticed that his car had been tampered with and the tyres had been deflated.

Mr Irving then experienced problems when he did park at the station. He told the Gazette that, on the evening of Thursday, March 9, as he drove away from the parking bay in the northbound car park, alerts came up saying his tyre pressures were at dangerous levels.

He said: “It seems to me that someone has taken a dislike to my car being left here for three or four days of the working week.

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“May I point out that my car is parked lawfully and there are no restrictions for leaving one’s car at Alnmouth Station car parks and in the vicinity.

“No one has any right to tamper with other people’s property and, in this instance, making one’s car difficult and dangerous to drive.

“I feel like someone is getting their jollies out of this and I don’t think I am the only person that is being affected.”

Parking problems around the station are long-standing.

Mr Irving said he reported the incidents to local county councillor Heather Cairns. She told the Gazette that she has contacted the police and the county council, and the latter is considering putting up a temporary camera at the station.

Police are investigating the incident at the northbound car park and anyone with information should call 101, quoting reference number 326 10/3.

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