State of roads and pavements criticised

Longhoughton Road heading down towards the junction with the B1339 in Lesbury.
Longhoughton Road heading down towards the junction with the B1339 in Lesbury.

Concerns have been raised about the state of the roads and footpaths in and around Longhoughton.

Members have once again reiterated their grievances with the condition of the road surfaces and said that some of the pavements are in a terrible condition.

They have listed the issue as one of their priorities for consideration in the county council’s Local Transport Plan (LTP) for 2017/18,

Parish council chairman Bryan Ellis said: “The roads aren’t fit for purpose. They aren’t well surfaced and they aren’t wide enough for the amount of quarry traffic going through. A number of the road edges have gone completely.”

RAF representative Simon Buist added: “A lot of the pavements are in an appalling state. They are dangerous for people trying to walk along – they are absolutely dreadful.”

Earlier in the meeting, members were informed by county councillor for Longhoughton, Kate Cairns, that a fairly substantial sum of money has been set aside for structural patching works to the B1339, which may well include Longhoughton Road.

But, as it is not a huge sum, it won’t stretch to Boulmer Road and Station Road, but these are subject to ongoing maintenance; which is patching work, rather than resurfacing.

She said that the parish council could make a submission to the LTP and take the chance that a resurfacing scheme will be allocated, but the patching would then be pulled and the money spent elsewhere. Coun John Haughie described it as a ‘catch 22’.

Councillors said the county council has duplicated resurfacing works in the parish, with some areas being repaired on numerous occasions over the last few years, while others have received no attention.

As part of the LTP, the parish council raised concerns about children crossing the road to and from the school in Longhoughton from September when it becomes a primary. Some of the older pupils will be walking unsupervised.