Stars shine on technical brilliance

The Electric Estate, Cragside, Saturday, November 19.

NATURE conspired with technology to light up the Cragside Estate near Rothbury at the weekend, as clear skies added an extra spellbinding element to Northumberland Lights’ stunning display of illuminations.

As the historic home of Lord Armstrong was bathed in the eerie glow of a shifting spectrum of colours and patterns, the stars came out – including a rather brilliant planet Jupiter, which rose directly above the 19th century mansion.

On the ground, visitors who wandered the forest trail were treated to a spectacular array of visual effects, including uplighting on the massive Douglas firs in the Pinetum which created a cathedral-like ambience.

Spotlights also brought a glow to Cragside’s many water features, most effectively at the waterfalls cascading down the rocky foot of the house, while views of the building from the famous Iron Bridge could only be described as enthralling.

But it wasn’t just a feast for the eyes, with haunting ambient sounds broadcast from speakers hidden in the trees.

In all, this was a magical experience and one which won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Here’s to the next installment of Northumberland Lights.