Starring role in new pony book for Destiny

Destiny Tait with author Belinda Rapley. Ref: JCNG destiny
Destiny Tait with author Belinda Rapley. Ref: JCNG destiny

A schoolgirl has won a competition to star in a new book by a British Horse Society instructor.

Destiny Tait, 12, was chosen out of all the entries to Pony Magazine’s competition to become a character in the next novel in The Pony Detectives series, Foxy: Rivalry at Summer Camp.

Written by Belinda Rapley, the story is an equine adventure with a mystery-solving twist.

Last week Belinda met Destiny at her school, The Duke’s Middle in Alnwick, and presented her with a signed copy of the book in which her character stars.

And her fellow students heard how Belinda, a British Horse Society instructor, became a writer and the background to her successful series, The Pony Detectives.

The competition was a question and a tie-breaker to create a story idea for a book.

And it was Destiny’s idea of Foxy that won over the judges.

She entered the competition in March and found out a few weeks ago that she had won when a letter came through the post.

Destiny, of Beech Grove in Alnwick, said: “ I had totally forgotten about it.

“It was really unexpected to win but really fantastic at the same time.

“It’s brilliant to be in a book that everyone is going to read.”

Destiny had read Belinda’s stories before and is a fan of her work.

She is also a horse rider and has her own horses.

She added: “It was great to see her in the school but it was such a shock to realise that she was actually here. She’s really nice.”

Author Belinda has been immersed in the world of horses since she was 11. She has a National Diploma in Horse Studies and has spent time working in show jumping and flat racing. Belinda also studied English at UCL and has combined her love of writing and horses in The Pony Detectives series for children.