Spotlight shines on town during day for Alnwick

Bridesmaids Lady Katie and Chelsy Davy with the Duchess of Northumberland following behind.
Bridesmaids Lady Katie and Chelsy Davy with the Duchess of Northumberland following behind.

It may have been the happiest day of their lives for the bride and groom, but Saturday’s wedding was also an important day for Alnwick .

The town was well and truly in the media spotlight with a large number of national, regional and local newspapers and TV channels covering the event, primarily due to the appearance of a number of high-profile guests.

But for residents of north Northumberland, it was a chance to get out and show off our great community spirit with the guests, both famous and otherwise, welcomed by cheering crowds.

By the time the wedding party started to process down Bailiffgate, thousands were out and, apart from some grumbles about the hordes of media, enjoying the chance to be part of Lady Melissa’s special day.

The wedding was also an opportunity for local businesses to try to make the most of the day.

The Black Olive Cafe on Bailiffgate is ideally located on the route the guests took from Alnwick Castle to St Michael’s Church.

Owner David Hogg said: “It went very, very well.

“We were inundated with the press early in the morning and we also had a lot of reporters in The Olive Branch (the new premises on Market Street).

“Then it was very busy over lunchtime before what I can only describe as a tsunami of people after the carriage had gone to the church. It’s the only way I can describe all the people that came in.

“It helped us on that particular day massively.

“It was also good for us that local people and visitors, who may not go down to Bailiffgate that often, saw us there.”

Victoria Clark, 30, works for her family business, North-East based C&S Supplies, which provided cocktail fruit for the guests at the wedding.

She said they ordered 2,800 gooseberries, kumquats, raspberries, 177 bunches of mint, cucumbers, 40 pink grapefruits and 87 limes among other items.

After watching the procession to the church, Victoria said: “I was quite tearful. It made me quite proud and bursting with royalist pride. I’m glad it was in Alnwick.”