Spittal Quay plan receives mixed views

Plans for 35 waterfront homes in Spittal with views across the River Tweed have received a mixed reaction from readers.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 3rd March 2019, 10:45 am
Plans to redevelop Spittal Quay have been drawn up by GMC.
Plans to redevelop Spittal Quay have been drawn up by GMC.

The development of the derelict Spittal Quay site is being planned by Berwick-based GM Craig (GMC).

It has lodged an application with Northumberland County Council to develop the site next to the lifeboat station.

However, concerns have been expressed they will be snapped up as holiday homes.

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Claire Morgan wrote: ‘35 holiday homes for people that will come once or twice a year and let it out the rest of the time are being built. Not exactly what we need but they look pretty and it’s nice something is being built there. We need actual homes!’

Maggie Chapman added: ‘Since when has Berwick been the home of yuppies? What about the workers and the families that need homes?’

The proposed design has split opinion.

Malcolm Mace wrote: ‘My first impression was that the two and three storey houses with coloured fronts looked very Scandinavian and don’t look out of place at a sea port estuary. Not so sure about the five storey block.’

Peter Bistram added: ‘They look good, particularly the multi coloured ones. I think they will be more attractive to retired incomers than for buy to let or as holiday homes.’

Susan Hughes commented: ‘The height and width of the large building is totally out of keeping with the Spittal townscape.’

Susan Johnston said: ‘Ugly I’m afraid, glorified tower block/blot on the landscape.’

Hilary Lowe added: ‘Love jetty but unhappy it’s a gated community community.’

Paul Brothwood simply said: ‘I love it’, while Lillian Lock added: ‘Fantastic... It’s going to be great.’

Duncan Macrae wrote: ‘Love it me , just wish I could afford one.’