SPEEDING: Limits must be enforced

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For several years, Warkworth Parish Council has debated the problem of speeding traffic through the village.

Cars and motorcycles race through the village most weekends and evenings, especially in Beal Bank and Woodlands, sometimes at speeds of up to 60mph – it’s a 30mph limit – apparently without fear of being stopped or cautioned.

I was therefore absolutely astonished to read in the July minutes that the council was considering reducing the speed limit to 20mph.

What is the point of this if speeding drivers know that driving at any speed won’t be enforced anyway?

Isn’t it time that drivers were caught and fined?

It might then stop the village being used as a racetrack and also reduce noise levels.

A large number of bikes appear to have a higher set of decibels than a Formula One car and it seems no one is doing a thing about it.

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