Speeding continues to worry residents

Speeding along the A697/South Road continues to be a major worry in Wooler as parish councillors push for a crossing to be installed for schoolchildren.

Monday, 25th April 2016, 10:30 am
Wooler Parish Council arranged for flashing speed signs to be installed at the entrances to the village, but they do not work well.

At Monday’s meeting, resident Chrys Murphy attended to cite his concerns, referring to both the main road through the village and the Fenton Grange estate where he lives.

Talking first about the A697/South Road, he reported that he had to avoid a lorry which had mounted the kerb while he was out running.

In another incident, a woman and her daughter were left ‘very upset’ after they had to jump out of the way of a vehicle when coming out of the campsite. The flashing speed signs weren’t working at that time.

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“I know you are trying, but we really need something done,” Mr Murphy said.

Several parish councillors recently had a meeting with the county council’s transport projects officer, Neil Snowdon, about this issue.

Chairman, Coun Robert Donkin, said that some of the councillors had never been happy with the position, adding: “We are looking at moving them into better positions, putting larger solar panels on them or, if we can get them close to a power supply, have them connected to a permanent supply.”

Coun Anthony Murray added: “We made it clear to Neil Snowdon that the signs have never been satisfactory.”

In response to Mr Murphy’s concerns about the Fenton Grange estate – “I don’t want a fatality,” he said, the council agreed to request a children playing sign or something similar to be put up to try to flag up the risks to drivers.

The meeting with Mr Snowdon also included a discussion of the dangers , particularly for schoolchildren, crossing the A697/South Road at the bottom of The Peth to get to Brewery Road.

Coun Ian Fleming told the meeting that the county council had agreed to carry out a feasibility study about putting a crossing in at the bottom of The Peth in which they will be looking at traffic volumes, footfall, etc.

He said that in the short term, the plan is to look at putting some signs up to try to slow the traffic down.

Coun Fleming conceded: “It’s not a straightforward thing as to where you put the crossing because there is a problem whichever location you choose.”

But he added: “I think we need to keep on their backs about it.”