Speeding, boundary and work to Cobbles

The cobbles in Alnwick.
The cobbles in Alnwick.

Speed-monitoring wires have been positioned around five different locations in Alnwick.

Those that meet the threshold in terms of an average speed in excess of the limit are passed on to the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative (NSRI) to look at further action.

Two met the threshold – Clayport Bank and Alnmouth Road – while two did not – South Road (by the Oaks roundabout) and Narrowgate (on the corner with Bailiffgate). The NSRI says that it does not enforce 20mph, which applied to the fifth location – Swansfield Park Road.

l The county council is to be asked to undertake a community governance review to consider changing part of the parish boundary between Alnwick and Denwick detached.

Currently, the southern boundary to the town does not include the proposed housing at Greensfield, the new high school site, the Extra Care homes and the proposed sports facilities.

Denwick Parish Council is happy for the review to go ahead.

l Coun Gordon Castle told members that the repair work to the Cobbles on Bondgate Without had to be paused due to logistical problems. However, it is now back on track and it is hoped that the work will be completed ahead of the Easter holidays.