Speed signs to be installed in Northumberland village

Vehicle activated speed signs are to be installed at each end of Acklington village.

Monday, 23rd September 2019, 4:41 pm

The cost will be covered as part of a planned housing development and it is hoped the new signs will reduce the number of speeding vehicles passing through the village.

Cllr Jeff Watson, who has negotiated the installation, has also agreed to fund a vehicle activated speed sign at North Broomhill where there is an ongoing problem with speeding through the 30mph limit.

The signs will be covered by a five year warranty after which Acklington Parish Council will be responsible for ongoing maintenance.

Meanwhile, the parish council has listed its top three priorities for inclusion on Northumberland County Council’s Local Transport Plan for 2020-21. They are: Resurfacing of Churchill Way, Acklington; slippage on the C101 to U3039; slippage on the C102 to U3088.

A representative of the Stephen Carey Trust gave a presentation to the Parish Council on community access defibrillators, having previously given a similar presentation to the Village Hall Committee. It was suggested a defibrillator be purchased in partnership with the Village Hall.

The members were supportive in principle and deferred the matter to the next meeting of the council to discuss how it could be financed and where it could be best located. It was suggested Acklington Community Team may also be able to contribute to the costs which are likely to be somewhere between £1,500 and £2,000.

Lesley Craig of Guyzance has been co-opted onto the parish council. Lesley has previous experience on the council having served from 2009 to 2013. The co-option brings the council back to full strength with 10 members.

Current plans include the cleaning and painting of the bus shelter on Acklington Road, the repair of the play area and replacement and rwpair of the barrel planters and coal tubs in preparation for floral displays in the spring.

The parish council is also considering whether to develop its own Parish Plan or Neighbourhood Development Plan and would like local residents’ views. Email [email protected]