Spectacular Northern Lights display in Northumberland last night

The aurora borealis pictured by Phil Hanvey at Bamburgh.
The aurora borealis pictured by Phil Hanvey at Bamburgh.

Star-gazers were treated to a spectacular light show in the skies over north Northumberland last night.

This image of an amazing display of the Northern Lights was taken at Bamburgh Lighthouse by Philip Hanvey, from Seahouses, at 2.30am today.

The colours of the aurora borealis, which were dancing across the sky, were reportedly visible to the naked eye.

The Northern Lights are caused by charged particles colliding in the Earth’s atmosphere and are seen above the northern and southern magnetic poles. A geomagnetic storm causes the aurora to expand to lower latitudes, allowing us in Northumberland to catch a glimpse of the shimmering lights.

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The activity is expected to decline slowly over the next few days and the weather is not looking good for aurora spotters.