Special workshops to help people who suffer chronic pain

Charity Arthritis Care is offering free workshops to help people cope with chronic pain.

The class, Challenging Pain, will be run in St James’ Church Hall, Pottergate, Alnwick, on Friday, June 21 and 28, from 1pm to 4pm.

The sessions are discussion-based with practical demonstrations of relaxation techniques.

Participants will also receive information on written handouts.

The trainers, who also experience chronic pain, ensure that there is a supportive environment in which people can speak freely.

Challenging Pain has been clinically trialled and proven to reduce people’s anxiety about their health and to improve their confidence in dealing with health problems.

Topics covered include: Pain management therapies – full body relaxation and visualisation exercises; breathing and diversion techniques; learning how to pace yourself and using techniques to help prevent tiredness; managing stress and combating negativity; setting personal long-term goals and working towards achieving them.

The course is free because the charity obtains funding from various bodies to cover running costs and this serves as a guarantee of quality as they have to evaluate and feedback to funders to show how each course went. The course has received positive feedback from participants and can provide people with easy skills and techniques to manage chronic pain.

Places are limited for the workshops.

To register, call 0844 8882111 to leave a message or call Ben Antis on 020 7380 6509.