Special event to celebrate 60 years of Table

Alnwick Round Table logo
Alnwick Round Table logo

Sixty years of Alnwick and District Round Table will be celebrated with a special charter dinner next month.

It will take place on Saturday, September 6, exactly six decades after the inaugural meeting of the club.

The event will be attended by past and present Tablers as well as guests and senior figures in the organisation.

It is being held in the Guest Hall at Alnwick Castle and costs £40 per person on tables of 10.

The guest speaker will be Brendan Healy and a magician will also be performing and it is for men only.

Table chairman Reuben Carr said: “We would like past and present members of the Table to come along and enjoy the night.”

Three of the original members of the Round Table in 1953 will be guests at the event.

And Reuben added that at the group’s 50th charter dinner they were presented with a lectern, which went missing by the end of the night.

He said: “If you’ve got it, could we please have it back?”

To order tickets or find out more, email alnwick charter@hotmail.com