Some good must come from these deaths

Josh Jarvis
Josh Jarvis

Another death of a young person hit by a lorry while cycling is another death too many.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Josh Jarvis’s family and friends, who now have to adjust to life without him.

But why should they have to?

For the last four to five years, the See Me Save Me campaign has been fighting to eliminate lorry blind spots.

The initiative was launched after the death of Eilidh Cairns, originally of Ellingham, who was dragged under a lorry while cycling in London.

The crusade has been taken to the EU, in Brussels, and is aiming to make it mandatory for lorries to be fitted with sensors along the sides so drivers know a cyclist is there.It is thought to cost £500, which is nothing in comparison to a life.

Every year 3,000 cyclists die or are injured in collisions.

Some are accidents, others are not, and they could be prevented.

Here’s hoping that Josh and Eilidh’s deaths have not been in vain and something is done to prevent other families having to go through the same heartache as theirs.