Solution will not please all

Cars parked at Alnmouth Railway Station
Cars parked at Alnmouth Railway Station

A parish council chairman has warned that any solution to the parking problems in and around Alnmouth Station will not be to everybody’s liking.

Last week, the Gazette reported that a meeting, long-awaited for some, between representatives of Network Rail, Northern Rail and the county council on the possible provision of extra parking spaces had taken place.

It was agreed that Network Rail’s local delivery group would look at what land could be used for parking – on both sides of the track and also in the coal yard.

And it comes as Northumberland County Council is consulting residents of surrounding streets, such as Curly Lane, who have long complained of nuisance parking, over the introduction of a residents’ parking permit, costing £15 per year, but preventing anyone else parking there.

The issue of parking at Alnmouth Station is a classic case of being a victim of its own success – more and more people are using the station and at times, there isn’t sufficient space for all the cars.

The station falls within Lesbury parish and the chairman of the council, John Wright, pointed to passenger figures showing a 20 per cent increase in the past couple of years.

The number of people using the station on all operator journeys in 2011 was 214,000. By last year, it had risen to 258,000.

Coun Wright added: “Along with speeding, it’s a major, major talking point in the village.

“Hopefully something will come from this, but it will not please all the people.”

Northern Rail is responsible for the car park on the ticket office/southbound side, while the county council, which has money set aside to improve the parking, manages the the northbound side.