So much thought goes into your stand-out photographs

As much as I enjoy doing photography for a living, I’ll also spend hours looking at other people’s images.

I love when it’s time to highlight your pictures for this column. So many stand out because of the thought that went into them.

Northumberland Camera Club. Picture by James Huntley

Including people can add depth to a landscape, and there were a few mountain-top scenes in the Northumberland Camera Club where photographers had done just this. Winny Russell’s and Ian Runciman’s images are superb examples.

Up even higher was Chris Wilson’s unique shot from a plane over Amble. Flying closer to the ground, looking unearthly, was James Huntley’s drone hovering right in front of a colourful sunrise; a wonderful juxtaposition of fast moving technology against a calming, natural scene.

Olive Taylor captured perfectly the iridescent colours from a starling’s feathers, and with excellent timing, shooting the image as the bird called out.

Great timing too from Keith Saint, whose photo caught the excitement and action of a football match.

Northumberland Camera Club. Picture by Keith Saint

Finally, Anth Wheeler took great care over this still life composition, which demonstrates how simplicity works so well in a photo.

In February we are concentrating on basic composition. This week’s challenge words are ‘Clean’ and ‘White’. Do come and join in at

Northumberland Camera Club. Picture by Ian Runciman

Northumberland Camera Club. Picture by Olive Taylor

Northumberland Camera Club. Picture by Chris Wilson

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