SLIDESHOW: Last night’s amazing Aurora Borealis

There will be plenty of bleary eyes in Northumberland this morning after a spectacular night of sky-gazing.

Hundreds of people were out into the early hours to witness one of the most vibrant displays of the Aurora Borealis in at least 20 years.

The Northern Lights at Craster by Jane Coltman

The Northern Lights at Craster by Jane Coltman

Pictures of the sky lit up with green and red lights flooded onto social networks Twitter and Facebook.

The Northern Lights display was seen all over the county and as far south as Gloucestershire and was caused by electrically-charged particles from the sun entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

David Steel, head ranger of the Farne Islands, tweeted at 9pm: “The aurora is showing incredibly well tonight down the east coast – just had report that it’s showing well at Beadnell, Northumberland. If you live in an area without too many street lights, just GET OUT and look up! Northern lights are incredible tonight.

Many of the best pictures were taken from the coast but Graham Taylor, of ‏@Pottedhistory, tweeted a picture from Lordenshaws, Rothbury.

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