Skate park site could be moved more centrally

Calls have been made by town councillors to relocate and rebuild Berwick's skate park.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 10th March 2018, 5:53 am
Highcliffe skate park
Highcliffe skate park

The park at Highcliffe in Spittal is rarely used at the moment and there have been problems with anti-social behaviour in the past.

Berwick Town Council is now considering whether to give the park a makeover or push for a new facility and possibly a more central location.

Clerk Gareth Davies said he had made a site visit and it appeared to be structurally sound so he suggested finding out how much it would cost to bring it back to good order.

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He indicated that Northumberland County Council would also welcome a proposal to improve that area and that Coun Georgina Hill, member for Berwick East, might allocate some of her small schemes money.

Coun Brian Douglas said: “It certainly needs tidying up but I would not advocate major improvements because I think relocation should be strongly considered by the council. We need it in a central area.”

Coun Alex Gibson agreed: “It’s not really a skate park, it’s for BMX bikes. I think it should be central instead of at one end of the town which leaves kids at the other end with nothing.”

Coun Brian Parkin added: “It might be in good working order but I’m told that it’s too dangerous for skate boards. I think a redevelopment of the area would be preferable to what is there now.”

Coun Alan Bowlas said an expert’s opinion was needed on whether the facility was fit for purpose.

Coun Parkin agreed: “It should be a high priority for the council but I don’t think it’s for us to decide what is suitable.

“We need to get people together and formulate a plan for a long-term solution rather than sprucing up what is already there.

“The kids have been let down over and over, over the last decade. We need to get them engaged.”

A health and safety inspection and the cost of repainting will be carried out as the first step.