Six stone down thanks to a post on Facebook

Lorna Stewart is delighted with her weight loss.
Lorna Stewart is delighted with her weight loss.

An Alnwick woman has lost six stone in a year after facing up to her demons.

Lorna Stewart, 29, who works as an administrator, realised last year that she needed to take control of her weight.

Lorna Stewart, March 2012

Lorna Stewart, March 2012

She had been binge eating for years and was about to start making herself sick before she decided to do something about it.

“I realised I had everything I could have wanted,” she said.

“I was getting married, I have a good job, but I just wasn’t happy. So I put a message on my Facebook page, not to look for sympathy, but to tell everyone what I was doing and give me an incentive to keep going. From that point on I didn’t put a pound on.”

Lorna now goes to the gym five or six times a week, eats healthy meals and is much happier.

She added: “I feel absolutely amazing. I am a totally different person. Looking back to a year ago and I don’t think I am recognisable. People at work who I haven’t seen for a while don’t realise I am me.”

Lorna is marrying her partner Carmelle, 38, in November and is in a size 12 wedding dress, after wearing a size 20-22.

“Anyone can do it,” she said. “ I never do more than an hour a day or exercise, that’s all it takes.

“It is hard at times but I’ve had great support.”

Lorna has put monthly updates on her Facebook page.