Site earmarked for affordable homes in town

Land adjacent to Chapel Lands
Land adjacent to Chapel Lands

The county council’s drive to build affordable homes looks set to continue in the north of the county as the authority unveils proposals for Alnwick.

Residents living in the west of the town have received letters and information leaflets regarding a potential new development of affordable homes on land to the west of Chapel Lands.

Northumberland County Council, as part of its commitment to provide affordable housing, is ‘currently investigating the possibility of building up to 18 new affordable homes on land off Chapel Lands, Alnwick’.

It continues: “We would like to consult with the community at this early stage to develop a mix and type of housing for the site that will meet the needs of the local community.”

A community drop-in event is taking place on Tuesday (March 24), from 2.30pm to 6.30pm, in the Northumberland Hall.

However, one resident of Chapel Lands pointed out that only a week’s notice was given of the consultation event, which takes place for the most part in working hours.

“I also think it’s the means to an end and more homes will follow to fill up the whole recreation field,” he said.

Northumberland County Council set a target for 1,000 new affordable homes by 2017, and current projections show that halfway through this period (by March 31 this year), 641 will have been built. Work is underway at three sites in the county’s north:

Amble – On land at Dandsfield Square, the construction of 48 homes is well underway.

Embleton – The former quarry site is being developed to provide 16 homes and work has started.

shilbottle – Initial works have started for 20 homes at Fairfield View.