Sir Alan Beith announces his retirement

Sir Alan Beith MP.
Sir Alan Beith MP.

Liberal Democrat MP Sir Alan Beith has announced that he is standing down from Parliament in 2015.

By then he will have served for nearly 42 years as the Member of Parliament for the Berwick upon Tweed constituency.

There will be events later this year to celebrate Sir Alan’s 40 years as Berwick’s longest-serving MP and the longest-serving Liberal MP since Lloyd George.

Sir Alan said: “I intend to continue to be a very active MP over the next two years and look forward to working closely with a candidate for 2015 who will be chosen by all the members of the Berwick constituency’s Liberal Democrat Association.

“This constituency has always been hotly contested between Liberals and Conservatives but it has been Liberals who have represented it for the majority of the years since the modern seat was created in 1885.

“Liberal Democrat commitments to freedom, fairness, representing local communities and helping people to get on in life fit well with the concerns of people in Northumberland.”