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Jannick Genouw, sales executive for Taste of Northumbria.
Jannick Genouw, sales executive for Taste of Northumbria.

A new fish-box scheme, where members can access freshly caught, local seafood from the Northumberland coast, is being extended to Alnwick and Felton.

The Creel Fish Club has been operating since May 2016, and has hubs in numerous venues, including The Seafood Centre, in Amble.

And as of tomorrow, pick-up points will be available from Taste of Northumbria, in Alnwick Market Place, and The Running Fox, in Felton.

The initiative is similar to a veg box, but with seafood. Individuals sign up to a weekly, fortnightly or monthly order of quality, fresh, local fish and seafood, which is delivered to their chosen hub.

What’s in the box all depends on the season, weather, sea conditions and what the local fishermen have managed to catch, and it varies each week.

While fishermen set out on a daily basis with a target catch in mind, they often bring in a variety of less popular species, which have lower market value and less celebrity status than other species, but are just as fresh, local and tasty.

As well as offering customers seafood they are familiar with, Creel Fish Club introduces members to varieties of fish they might not know much about, including gurnard, pollock and red mullet and a variety of flatfish, which are plentiful off the Northumberland coast and at a low conservation risk.

By building a base of seafood-savvy customers, Creel Fish Club aims to help the local inshore fishing fleet remain sustainable, while enabling customers to get their hands on a variety of seafood.

Fish Club representatives will be at Taste of Northumbria on Saturday and Sunday during the town’s Taste of the North event, offering samples and promoting the scheme.

To sign up, visit