Show secretary Marion calls it a day

Marion Lockhart
Marion Lockhart

Show stalwart Marion Lockhart has called it a day, after a quarter-of-a-century.

She has devoted 25 years to the Glendale Horticultural and Industrial Society, an integral part of both Glendale Show and Glendale Agricultural Society, but this year will be her last.

Marion became a steward in the industrial section in 1989. After six years she took over as secretary and has held this role ever since.

The industrial society works independently of the the agricultural society, which runs the main Glendale Show.

The industrial section can have more than 1,000 entries in any one year, many of them from children.

Marion has made it her business to work closely with Wooler First School as she believes this helps to ensure the continuity of interest across the generations.

She said: “The great pleasure is the whole event and the challenge of putting it together, but the real satisfaction is from others. The show itself is an amazing day and I get a huge sense of satisfaction when the entries have all been submitted, brought in and displayed and the prize winners announced.”

Jane Cook, Sarah Jones and Julia Tait will take over Marion’s role.