Shoppers miss out on bargains

Queen Street, Amble
Queen Street, Amble

People are missing great bargains on their doorstep because they all make the same mistake, say campaigners.

They assume items will be cheaper in national chains and drive miles in their quest, bypassing better deals close to home.

So say the businesspeople behind the Try Amble First campaign.

Members of Amble Business Club say their wares – from fresh bread to begonias – are often the best value.

They are getting together to ask local people to remember them when they’re shopping.

Business club members intend to reach out to individuals and organisations in their community, for instance offering especially competitive prices to charities holding fundraising events. They say that sometimes good causes request and receive gifts from traders and then go elsewhere to buy their supplies.

They will also explore working with schools, asking teachers to talk about local living and the town that is the children’s future.

Julia Astor told last Wednesday’s meeting at Amble Development Trust: “People come back to Amble after they can’t get what they are looking for somewhere else. We want you to come here first.”