Shoebox and hamper Christmas appeal launches

A shoebox and hamper appeal is being run in the Alnwick area again this year after its success in helping people in 2013.

Pamela Swain set up an appeal last year to help those in need in north Northumberland.

She asked people to make up shoeboxes that can be given to young and old as well as donating foods that can be used as part of a number of hampers that will be given out closer to Christmas.

And donations of toys in a decent condition are also called for, to give children a chance to have presents for Christmas.

Pamela said: “It’s for children and vulnerable adults who might be struggling.

“This year we have also decided to ask for donations for pets as last year we found that some people were not buying things for themselves because they were spending what little money they had on their animals.

“It is going full circle. Some of the people that we helped last year at Christmas are now back on their feet and are donating to help others this year.

“Last year we made a real difference. We got a Barbie house with everything in it and gave it to a lady who was in terrible distress, the donation meant that her daughter got a Christmas present, and that made it all worthwhile.

“The right things seem to end up with the right people as well. We visited another family last year and one of the children said they wanted this particular game. It ended up that the game was in the gifts that we gave them.

“I have had to use the food bank myself in the past and I just want to help other people.

“All we ask is that if you make up shoeboxes as presents put on the box the age of the person it is for ie a 13-year-old girl or a five-year-old boy, so that we can distribute them accordingly.”

This year’s drop-off point is Carlo’s Fish and Chip Shop on Market Street, Alnwick.

Anyone who is in need support should contact Pamela on 07955895089 or 01665 602582.