Shilbottle WI, September meeting

After the summer break, the ladies of Shilbottle gathered again for another meeting.

As usual, the coming month is crammed full of activities – walks, book club, coffee mornings and a quiz to name but a few. Our speaker for the evening was Ingrid Kilner, who gave a talk entitled A Year Behind the Veil.

Ingrid met an Iraqi student in Newcastle in the 1960s and they married in 1968. Her husband was called back to Iraq to do his military service and she followed a few months later.

Ingrid’s talk vividly told of her experience as a young wife in Iraq. The culture shock for a young mini-skirted 60s woman from Newcastle now living with large Iraqi extended family and having to face the disapproval and hostility of her new mother-in-law was huge. For example, she was not allowed out until her made-to-measure burkha was ready.

Ingrid told of the pressure to become pregnant, otherwise her mother-in-law would find a second wife for her husband, of the difficult pregnancy she had in difficult conditions and the eventual birth of her daughter and the reasons for her eventual return to Newcastle. She brought the story right up to the present day.

Ingrid’s talk was a fascinating and funny account, with a touch of sadness, of a young girl’s experiences in 1960s Iraq.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, October 18, at 7.15pm in Shilbottle Community Hall, Grange Road, Shilbottle. There will be a truffle making demonstration given by Lynn Oxley.

New members and visitors are always welcome.