Shilbottle WI, January meeting

TOGETHER AGAIN: After a particularly snowy end of year when the December meeting had to be cancelled, the ladies of Shilbottle WI gathered for the first meeting of the year.

Because of the bad weather many activities had to be cancelled but now thankfully can be restarted.

A dinner at the local Indian restaurant was planned and dates announced for the walking and books groups. Also a taster session on circle dancing was announced. Both darts teams are through to the next round.

The speaker for this meeting was Lucy Maresh, a complementary therapist and yoga teacher.

Lucy explained that yoga is a form of exercise, physical as well as mental, and can be done by all ages and abilities.

Lucy then talked us through some gentle chair-based techniques to enable us to relax, being aware of our breathing.

Lucy teaches all types of yoga here in Shilbottle, to all ages and there is a type of yoga to suit everyone regardless of health or disability.

Yoga and visualisation helps to bring relaxation, focus and general well-being to mind and body and a sense of tranquillity. All the ladies agreed at the end of the session that the techniques Lucy talked us through were beneficial.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 17, at 7.15 pm in Shilbottle Community Hall, Grange Road, Shilbottle, when Andy Griffin will give a talk on Harry Hotspur.