Shilbottle WI, February meeting

FAMOUS SON: The ladies of Shilbottle WI gathered, having had another month of activities, such as the book club, walking group, bowls and a meal at the local Indian restaurant.

Both Shilbottle darts teams made it to the North East area final, The A team won and once again, for the third year running, made it to the regional final.

Our speaker was the well-known local author, Andy Griffin, who gave us a talk on the life and times of Henry Percy, better known as Hotspur, Alnwick’s most famous heroic son.

His family stemmed from the conquering army of William in 1066.

The Percy family was a very prominent northern family who gained lands in Northumberland for services to the state. Hotspur’s father was the first Earl of Northumberland.

Hotspur trained as a warrior with a great sense of justice. His nickname Haartspore, given to him by the Scots, was a derogatory name but changed into Hotspur as he was courageous, took risks and was hot-tempered.

He married aged 15 to Elizabeth Mortimer, aged eight. They had three children.

His reputation in battle went before him and at one point the French, rather than fight him, withdrew. He became a hero to the people of England.

The talk outlined Hotspur’s involvement in the deposition of Richard II and the crowning of Henry Bolingbroke as king and Hotspur’s actions in Wales with Owen Glendower and his eventual falling out with the king and his final defeat and death at the battle of Shrewsbury 1403.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 17, at 7.15pm in Shilbottle Community Hall. There will be a talk and demonstration, Spring Surprise, given by Susie Rumens.

New members always welcome.