Shilbottle WI

At the July meeting of Shilbottle WI, president Mandy Johnson had to announce that a very short notice the speaker Ingrid Wagner with her giant knitting could not attend.

This was a disappointment but in true WI spirit one of our own members Barbara Thompson stepped into the breach.

She dashed home to fetch materials and equipment to demonstrate making a paper quilling gift tag.

We were soon all engrossed in this craft and were proud of our efforts and especially grateful to Barbara.

We had enjoyed the trip to see Starlight Express in Edinburgh but the wet weather meant we had to have the annual garden party indoors for the first time in four years.

Nevertheless we had an excellent pooled lunch.

We had sent two teams to the Hotspur quiz at Longhoughton and they had a good night with one team gaining first place.

We have a break in August but the lunch group, book club, darts players and walkers will be continuing their activities throughout the summer.

The next meeting will be on September 20 with a talk entitled A Year Behind The Veil.