Sharing and all benefiting from one site

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Superfast broadband in north Northumberland could provide a number of sharing opportunities for community groups and businesses.

Alnwick’s digital champion Kenneth Jorgensen explained that if community groups have a higher-speed connection, it’s possible to wirelessly share this one connection to all community group members.

Organisations will therefore be able to install broadband and let their members use this while attending meetings, activities, lessons and other events.

“This will provide better group teaching opportunities where all the participants can access the internet individually. It is the sharing of one relatively cheap connection to several people that will make the difference,” said Kenneth.

Tourism businesses, such as restaurants, B&Bs, hotels and campsites could also benefit by sharing one connection to those on their premises.

“The world is changing and these days people are expecting to have these facilities and even to get them for free,” said Kenneth.

“I admit whenever I go away I would choose a place with free wifi over one which has not got it, just to be able to do simple things related to why I am there.

“I recently spoke to one B&B which was struggling to attract customers.

“I asked if they had free internet available. They said they didn’t but people phoning up to ask about vacancies had also asked the same question about wifi.

“I wonder how many other people who would have seen their details online and if it had said ‘free wifi internet available’ would have chosen the place to stay if it was available. If I were a B&B owner it would be one of the first things on my list.”

Community groups and businesses must all encourage their members to sign up and support the iNorthumberland campaign.

“Ask your neighbours, friends and family to make sure they are signed up too,” added Kenneth.

Any community group which wants to know more about the benefits should contact Kenneth via