SHAK teaches aggressive dog to behave like a Lady

Lady with SHAK team member Amy.
Lady with SHAK team member Amy.

The next instalment of our series dedicated to Alnwick-based dog sanctuary, SHAK.

An animal transporter has praised SHAK for transforming the fortunes of one of its canines, turning it from an aggressive guard dog to a friendly and lovable companion.

When Lady arrived at SHAK a few years ago, she had to be carried in by crate, to avoid the charity’s team from being bitten. She was also fierce towards other dogs.

But now, thanks to SHAK’s dedication, Lady is a completely changed character.

And this dramatic turn around was epitomised earlier this month when she let Phil Lyons-John – who transports dogs to SHAK – stroke and tickle her.

This tender moment was a far cry from when Phil first met her a few years ago. So touched was he by her transformation, he took to Facebook to praise SHAK and post a video of the loving encounter. He said: “The first time I met Lady, she would have happily ripped off my face – and she tried to! She had severe guarding issues.

“But SHAK has worked with her and when I saw her recently, not only was she happy to let me stroke and tickle her, but when another dog came past there was no reaction beyond a brief glance. Amazing work by SHAK.”

SHAK founder Stephen Wylie said: “Lady came to us when she was a year old, having been used to guard a van. The day she arrived, we had to keep her in her crate and carry it in so we could hold her without getting our hands bitten.

“But with hard work and patience, she now not only loves people, but she walks alongside other dogs. She is such a sweetheart and has come on so much from what she was. It wasn’t her fault, she was only a year old and had been trained to be like that.

“Phil was very clearly moved by her transformation.”